Friday, October 9, 2009

5 Minus 5

Now that I've managed to finally watch that entire clip I commented on earlier I have to say that that was some offensive shit. Given that they donned blackface to imitate a performance artist this was basically a Minstrel Show. I'm glad Harry Connick Jr. laid into them like he did and gave them a 0. If it were me I would have (assuming the highest a judge can give on that show is 10) given a -20 to ensure their total score could be no higher than 0. Its sad that the second judge Jackie gave them a 7 because they were cute and had great choreography. It seems like the third judge gave a 1 because he thought it was a bad performance but not because of the racism. Lastly it most certainly does not help that the crowd was actively cheering them on and that the judge was calling them the Jackson Jive.

And to make it worse these five did the exact same routine on the show 20 years earlier and won the competition that night. That is not good.

Even without the history of racism and blackface behind this when will we get past the point where we can have comedy that does not require someone to be made fun of because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.....?