Saturday, September 26, 2009

Save the Boobs, Save the World?

I'm sure you've seen this ad for breast cancer awareness that's been airing for the last few weeks right? Well apparently the makers of this ad have concluded that the only reason straight and gay men (the sailors near the pool seem to be an a attempt at a representation of gay men) care about breast cancer awareness is because we like to see those tig ole bitties or some shit like that.

Not the case.

Now don't get me wrong. When I look at women I do look at their breasts because they are a part of the package that makes up a woman (no I'm not saying if she does not have breasts she is not a woman just that by simply being they they are a part of her) but they are only that, a PART of the package. I suppose this ad is suppose suddenly ignite in men the desire to be conscious about breast cancer where there was none before. What an insult.

Do these people think that men can only care about something if it touches on our sexual desires or competitive spirits? For the most part the answer is no we can actually be reached on other levels. How about some stats? Knowing that breast cancer is one of the top killers of women is a pretty power stat. Maybe some info where to donate resources? And not just money maybe offer transport services to women that can't get to treatment services themselves. Perhaps start a support group for people who have a loved living with breast cancer or a group for people who had a loved one taken by it. Maybe some advice on how to support a loved one that is going through it? She might think she can't talk to him so it might be up to him to show her that he will be there for her. (Hell even a little bit of light on the little known fact that while rare men can develop breast cancer as well.)

So while we do look at breasts the thing we are taking into consideration when it comes to breast cancer isn't that there will be fewer breasts to look at but the fact that there women in pain and dying because of it. Next time if you want to get men to spring into action how about trying to reach us in a manner that is not quite as insulting and offensive k?

Tip of the Fro to Jeff on this.