Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm sure there are some other worthwhile things here...

I came across this while reading over at feministing. Its supposed to be a site that is dedicated to helping men with a pro-feminist angle. Not a bad idea I say since such a place would give men a chance to fairly chime in on gender issues without having to worry about having everything they say dismissed because of their gender.

Well I'm looking around the site and there are useful things there like resources for organizations and about the things that men can do to improve relations with women and so forth but then they fall into some of the pitfalls that some feminists fall into. So far the only things I'm seeing on violence is male against female violence as if that is the only violence that happens. Yes it might be the most common form but to act as if other forms of violence don't happen is just not nice. When it comes to porn it only seems to talk about porn leading to male against female violence and the dehumanizing of women at the hands of men. And according to this site men's rights activists are just a bunch of lying whiners that want to control women and children. Obviously this is wrong.

Along with seeing those things on that site one thing I'm not seeing is a place where it is actually commented that women are engaging in some of the very activities that harm men without a caveat to quickly shift the responsibility over to men. Yes women gain from the parts of the male and female gender roles that damage men and women do engage in some of the activities that harm men and women.

But I only found the place an hour or so ago so maybe there are some things on the site that can be of use to men without assuming we are all harming women. You know cover things that harm men of all walks of life and really speaks to all men instead of just the ones that are harming women.

All and all I can respect the attempt at giving men a voice but if the only voice that is welcome is one that holds men responsible for everything wrong in the world and to have it cheered on by female feminists then that just saddens me a bit.

You know my better judgment tells me that I should tip my Fro and bow out of reading human rights material but I really can't. One despite all the childish mudslinging back and forth some good things can be found if you're willing to clear the mud away and two these are potentially world changing forces at work here and to miss out on them would be a big mistake. And curiosity has always been one of my most dangerous adversaries. I just couldn't stand it if I left the battlefield and missed something wondrous.