Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Does it really matter if he acknowledges or denies the photos?

Most sensible people will agree that a person's gender and what kind of clothes they wear are not indicative of whether or not they are fit to be mayor of a city. Apparently there are those out there that did miss that lesson.

Someone took it upon themselves to release very intimate and personal photos of East Cleveland mayor Eric Brewer. Now even with the issue of trying to link one's gender identity to their competence aside (not to say its not important mind you) I want to take a moment to look at just how the story I link to is reporting this.

That's likely because the city's leadership is not of a caliber often associated with, say, Abraham Lincoln. One former mayor is in prison after being convicted on a smorgasbord of bribery charges. The last
mayor gained office despite a previous conviction for manslaughter. It seems she stabbed a boyfriend to death. And it appears the present mayor, Eric Brewer, who bills himself as a reformer, is not so straight either.

Choosing to wear clothes that are traditionally identified to be those of the opposite gender is NOT on par with bribery and murder. And notice the "is not so straight either" remark. It's probably safe to say that that was meant to be a jab at his sexuality.

Normally this wouldn't be True Crime's business. If a mayor wants to prance around in women's underwear, far be it from us to complain. But this is Eric Brewer, a man who made his bones as a henchman for corrupt Cleveland Mayor Mike White. His specialty: Anonymous attack mailers targeting the various misdeeds and private sins of enemies. So as the New York literati like to say, this bad boy's rich in delicious irony.
Yet this writer has no problem using these pictures of Brewer to do just that, complain. If these photos had not come up would this article have still come up about his corruption? More than likely not.

Now from what I can tell there is no evidence that Eric is transgender and this may only be cross dressing but it might be more but more importantly it doesn't matter. How does simply wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex disqualify one from being a capable politician or on the larger scale a capable anything?

The story at hand isn't whether or not those are Brewer's pictures the story is who violated him by releasing them to the media without his permission and what action will be taken against them. But I get the feeling we'll never get that answer.