Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Checking out vs Objectifying

Okay one thing I've been thinking about for a long time is what is the borderline between checking someone out that you think is attractive and reducing that person to a desired body part? When does "Hmmmm. She looks good." swerve off into "I wanna ride his dick until his knees buckle and his eyes glaze over."?

Now I'm sure you're wondering where this came from so I'll explain. It just so happens that I find one of the women in the department next to ours to be particularly attractive and I'll admit that I do take a minute to look when I see her. Well she's been around the office for a little over a year so this has been going on for quite a while but somewhere out of the blue today I began to wonder was I just checking her out or was I reducing her to a sex object.

Now my own metric is that I am moving from looking to objectifying once my attention becomes fixed on a single part of a woman or man and dirty thoughts about that part start to kick in. At that point there is no question (at least to me) that I am indeed objectifying. But does the objectification start before that?

I would like to think that it doesn't but I get the feeling that it is not really up to me. When I question how fair/unfair something is I often wonder how I would feel about it but in this situation I honestly don't think people are checking me out much less reducing me to a body part (a tell of serious body image issues I know but that is another story for another day) so that doesn't help.

So in the end I'm quite confused about whether or not I'm crossing the line when I look at her.