Thursday, August 6, 2009

You know what they about Computer Room people with big hands right?

If you recall about 2 weeks ago I did a post called Echoes from the Computer Room. You may also note that I did a post on the stigma of being a guy with big feet. This post is going be something of a meld of the two.

Okay earlier this week I get a computer that has a bad integrated network card. To let you know when a network card (the hardware device that allows for a computer to connect to the internet) or any device is integrated into the motherboard (may also be called a system board) of a computer and that device goes bad the only course of action is to replace the entire motherboard.

Well I called Dell to get a replacement and it came in yesterday and the fun (but it wasn't fun for long) part came when it was time to install it.

When you have hands as large as mine (from wrist to tip of middle finger is 9in. and across is 5in.) working on small spaces is not fun. And to make it even worse the computer I was working on was an "Ultra Small Form Factor" class. Now look at its dimensions of Height: 10.3" Width: 3.5" Depth: 9.95" and imagine working on it with hands that are Height: 9" Width: 5" Depth 3". A tight fit indeed.

Now I understand that computers that small cost less but there has to be a limit to how small that can get before it becomes difficult to troubleshoot them. Thankfully it is very rare that I have to actually open up a computer so this is not an issue but I know that computers are getting smaller and smaller as proof of how advanced computer technology is.

(And please, spare me the hassle of insisting or commenting that there is a correlation between the size of one's hands and one's penis.)