Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well if two wrongs don't make a right then how many does it take?

When the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna DV story broke a lot of people said that even if she did start the confrontation he should not have fought back but instead should have just "walked away". (That's neither he nor there since it seems like he did start the confrontation).

When Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell, Therese Ziemann, and Tracy M. Hood-Davis glued their victim's genitals to his body, robbed him, and left him tied to a bed there are people saying that what they did was justified for him cheating on them. (And the mainstream media seems to think he deserved what happened to him.) I'd also like to add that as testament to how female crimes against men are treated as acceptable I've have already had a woman at work threaten to glue my penis to my stomach for not doing something she asked (she was trying to invoke a male gender role but that is another story for another day).

Let us not forget that there are still people that think Lorenna Bobbit and Mary Winkler were justified in maining/killing their husbands in the middle of the night while they were sleep and that Bobbit's husband deserves to be laughed at by women that think threatening to cut off a man's penis is a joke. Bobbit claimed that her husband had attempted to rape her and Winkler claimed that her husband forced her to do sexual things that she did not want to do (including wear a famous pair of wear).

Now we have this. In Greece a British man was allegedly harassing and assaulting a woman in a club and after repeated attempts as trying to reject him and get away from him she poured a drink on his penis, which he allegedly exposed to her, and lit it on fire with a cigarette lighter. She is being hailed as a hero and some are shocked that she is being charged.

Even not taking into account the gendered theme of which way the court of public opinion swings when it comes to opposite gender self defense (some think that a woman is justified in killing a man under any circumstance but a man should just let a woman attack him and some think vice versa) I've never been a fan of the thought that two wrongs make a right and that both wrongs should be punished.

If Rihanna did start the confrontation with Brown then yes I think she should be charged as well as him. I think if Bobbit's husband did attempt to rape her then he should be brought up on charges too. Anyone that thinks the fact those four women were played by that man somehow gives them the okay for what they did to him is a sexist and misandrist. That woman in Greece most certainly has a right to defend herself from attackers but if she poured a drink on the guys genitals and lit him on fire then frankly I think she should be charged for the assault just as he should be charged for the harassment and assault that he allegedly committed upon her. I would say that Matthew Winkler should be charged for what he did but Mary took it upon herself to take her "self defense" to the ultimate level so his life will be forever judged based only on what Mary says about him (and I especially feel sorry for the young children he left behind because now that they are back in her custody they will probably only ever get a biased, if not outright untrue, telling of what kind of man he was).

About a month ago my Nintendo DSi was stolen last month right out of my own bedroom and honestly I wanted to commit violence against the women that did it (I take my gaming very personally and very seriously). Now obviously getting physically violent over getting robbed is a bit overboard like some of the things I've already mentioned above and I'm pretty sure that if I went through with my initial hatred before it cooled off no one would be clamoring to defend me by saying she robbed me first and frankly I wouldn't not want them too. In fact the thought of being brought up on criminal charges and that two wrongs do not make a right are a large part of what kept me from acting on that evil impulse (well that and violence is not the answer).

An amazing world we live in when we think that violent (and sometimes fatal) retaliation is considered to be proper course no matter how small or large the "reason" may be.