Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Menu August 3 - August 7

I've decided to take a small break from cooking and mix it up a bit by going in another direction for a few weeks.

Yogurt with Blueberry Sauce and Toasted Oats and Bagle

The yogurt I used is the Dannon Light & Fit (Vanilla flavored). I got a large 32oz. container of it and split it six ways. As far as I can tell this has the lowest per serving calorie and calorie from fat content.

With the oats I toasted them by leaving them in a skillet on low heat and covered. It took about 20 or so minutes until they got golden brown. I have it stored in a container and will spoon it on to each serving of yogurt as I eat it.

The blueberry sauce is my own creation of fresh blueberries and honey. In a skillet I heated some butter in a pan and a pint of fresh blueberries (washed and picked) along with about 4 tablespoons of honey. There is no need to crush the blueberries or anything because the heat of cooking them will cause them to burst. This took about ten minutes for me but what you want is for the majority of the berries to burst. Now maybe its because I didn't wait for it to cool off properly or maybe I used too much butter and honey but my sauce was a bit thin and I thickened it up with about 2 tablespoons of all-purpose flour. I have it stored in a container and will spoon on to each serving of yogurt as I eat it.

The bagels of choice are Pepperidge Farms Whole Wheat mini bagles. Each one has 100 calories each vs. most regular sized bagels which can be over 250 calories each. Just pop two of the minis and save a few calories.

Sandwiches and popcorn

I know this doesn't sound like much but when it comes to sandwiches they can get real boring real quick if you don't keep it mixed up. My solution, 2 meats, 2 cheeses, and 3 different sauces.

Peppered Turkey Breast
Maple Turkey Breast
Provolone Cheese
Muenster Cheese
Horseradish Sauce
Southwest Sause
Honey Mustard
Orville Redenbacher 94% Fat Free Popcorn
Nature's Own Double Fiber Whole Wheat Bread

I picked up the meat and cheese from the deli section at WalMart. Since I might still get bored with this (there was a point about year ago where I did this for lunch for about 5 months straight) I only got a 1/2 pound of each one. Now I will say that they go for about $5.50 to $6.50 per pound but bear in mind that this is going to provide lunch for about 2 weeks.

The three sauces allow for me to mix things up so I'm not just eating the same topping over and over.

The bread I chose has the lowest calorie count I could find (50 per slice).

If there is one thing that has always tripped me up with sandwiches is what to eat with them. There aren't that many chips out there that aren't full of oil and salt and I feel like taking a break from veggies (and besides eating frozen veggies with a sandwich sounds weird). This is where the popcorn comes in. You may not realize it that popcorn is actually a fairly low fat and low sodium snack compared to chips.

Well that's what I'll be eating this week (and probably part of next week as well).