Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekly Menu August 17-21 Extra Stage!!!

Okay if you recall last time I said that I was going to make some of My Spicy Chicken Salad. Well I decided to go another way.

I realized two things.
1. I didn't feel like chopping up the chicken breasts.
2. Mayo is one of the most fattening condiments of all. To chop up the chicken and make a salad out of it would require a lot of mayo.

The objective is clear...

Make a replacement for my Spicy Chicken Salad that saves me from having to chop my chicken and does not call for much mayo.

The solution...

Spicy Cashew Spread!!!
(Imagine little explosions going off as you read that title.)

Okay here is what I did. I took four boneless skinless chicken breasts and washed and cleaned them. Then I split them and put some ginger and minced garlic inside. From there I pan fried them with Five Spice (prepacked mix of Fennel, Ground Cloves, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, and Ginger). Once cooked it was time to move on to the spread.

Spicy Chicken Spread!!!!(don't forget the explosions)

Honestly all I did was go by this recipe except for the chicken (which this spread is going to be put on) but instead of Celery Seeds (I forgot them, hey I was doing this off the top of my head) I used Chili Powder and added some Garlic Powder.

Now I have a pan fried chicken breast with some spread on meaning I got out of chopping my chicken and I didn't use as much mayo.

That's all for now.