Friday, August 21, 2009

Weekly Mashup Stage 1

Been a bit of a tough week (I've had to cover for a coworker while doing my own job for 3 of this week's five days) so I haven't had that much time to flesh out whole posts. Here are some of the things I came across.

What could go wrong with a Vasectomy?: India author Neerja Roy Chaudhry has created what is expected to become the Guinness Book of World Records' entry for the world's largest pair of functioning scissors. So what's the thing to do when you have such a large pair of scissors? Joke about sterilizing men of course.

Brazilian Teenage Girl Held in 50 Alleged Stabbing Deaths: A 17 year old Brazilian girl recently confessed to killing 50 men with the same knife over the course of 2 years. (That averages out to about killing 1 man every 15 days.) She told detectives she wanted to confess before she turned 18 and could be tried as an adult in order "to avoid upsetting my family." she says.

Nuns on the run from the truth: Similar to the allegations of past sex abuse against priests in the Catholic Church, victims are now how coming forward with tales of abuse they suffered at the hands of nuns.

The Depths of Male Disposability: Pelle Billing talks about how society imposes upon men the notion that we are disposable and how a man's willingness to sacrifice himself is a measure of his masculinity (and how failure to measure up means declared "not a real man")

Still Waiting for Bob Herbert to Condemn the Kuwaiti Massacre: Robert Franklin wonders why a man killing three women in a gym shooting ignites a wildfire across the media while a woman at her ex-husband's wedding to another burns down a tent that kills 41 women and children barely causes a spark.