Friday, August 14, 2009

Say what you want about MRAs but they make good points

The folks over at Glenn Sacks have been been pointing out some serious things this week:

Woman Hires Hit Man to Kill Husband; Oops! It's a Cop: Usually when a woman decides she no longer wants to be married just calls for a divorce and settles for only taking him to the financial cleaners. Well apparently that was not good enough for Dahlia Dippolito who decided that the proper way to end the marriage was to end her husband. Dippolito attempted to hire a hit man to kill her husband after only six months of marriage. I'm pretty sure we know how this would have ended of said "hit man" wasn't actually an undercover cop.

Loving Women, Judging Men in Pop Culture: Robert Franklin talks about how often in pop culture when women do bad things there is often justification given to explain "what made her do it" whereas men who do bad things simply because men are evil and vile creatures.

Desperate Moments at the NYT and - How to Explain a Drunk, Stoned Woman Killing Eight People: A look at articles at Salon and the New York Times that seem to be trying to excuse the actions of Diane Schuler. For those that don't know she is the woman from Long Island who under the influence of alcohol and marijuana caused an accident that killed seven others and herself. It would seem that they think that it is unfair to point the finger at her and her choice to drink and do drugs before going out for a drive.

False Rape Accuser Wants Immunity from Prosecution: Yes you read that right. Biurny Gonzalez accused a man of rape four years ago and he was sentenced to prison on a 20 year sentence. Now it looks like he spent four years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Gonzalez has come forward to say that the rape did not happen and wants to testify...for a price. Biurny wants to be granted immunity from perjury charges before she will testify on her victim's behalf to help free him. Its worth noting that one of the main pieces of evidence was a bite mark she claimed was made by her rapist. DNA tests on the genetic material in the bite marks has no Y chromosome meaning that a male could not have made the the bite mark.