Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remember, female against male sex crimes are funny and the female is the victim; part 2

Just a few minutes in part 1 I went over MSNBC's coverage of four women committing vigilante justice against a man that did them wrong. It's bad enough to read the sexist treatment on MSNBC but take a look at this video at FOX News where you can see and hear the sexism and double standards at work.

Why the pun for a title?
I can't help but notice that just like the MSNBC article FOX has chosen to use a pun as a title for this. I really hope this does not mean that they will start using titles like, "It looks like one man will be forced to take it in the end", "Who's the b!cht now?", "Let's see how he likes being the rape victim" for coverage on future sex crimes.

Why is the women reporting laughing and smiling during the setup?
Last time I checked a sex crime is serious business. I've never seen a major (despite your opinion they are a major source) mainstream media source openly laugh at a women who was a victim of a sex crime.

Why are the other two people joining the her in laughing and smiling about this crime?
Once the reporter sets it up and defers to one of the guests she proceeds to start off with talking about what the victim did to provoke the sex crime that was perpetrated against him all the while the other person is laughing. His opening remark when he finally starts speaking between laughs? He compares it to that VISA ads that end with the last item (in this case having his penis glued to his thighs) being priceless.

Why are they using his crimes against them to shield those four women?
I can clearly see that if this goes to trial the defense is going to use his adultery as a crutch. "The poor defenseless women had no other choice but to take the law into their own hands." I really hope that the people on that jury remember that the fact that his adultery is NOT justification for the sex crime that was committed against him. If they want to go after him for the adultery then by all means arrest him and have his own trial but I'll be money that if that were to happen people would frown on using the sex crime that was committed against him as a buffer to spare him a harsh punishment.

What I'm getting at is that I am extremely disgusted over how this crime is being reported and covered. I've seen plenty of activists that would go nuts if a member of their group was getting treated this way after being victimized and honestly I don't blame MRAs for being mad over this one.

So I get the lesson here is that depending on the circumstances it is okay to take the law into your own hands when you are done wrong first.

Edit:I just saw over at Glenn Sacks that apparently one of the women that assaulted that man was married herself. That means that while everyone is making a big fuss over the fact that he was committing adultery one of the women involved was committing a adultery as well. Remember in that FOX clip where the woman commented that adultery is illegal in Wisconsin and that he might face charges. Why do I get the feeling that most of the mainstream media is not even going to check this out and even if they do she won't face charges even if he does.