Thursday, August 6, 2009

Remember, female against male sex crimes are funny and the female is the victim; part 1

In the state of Wisconsin a married man was cheating on his wife with three other women. Once those women found out what the score was they took the law into their own hands. What did they do you ask? Well one of the women led him to a hotel room then with the help of the other three they tied him to a bed, glued his genitals to his stomach, then left him there stealing his wallet, car, and phone. Now these women have been charged with things like false imprisonment and sexual degradation and the man might be facing charges because there is legislation on the books that state adultery is against the law. My problem with this is how the mainstream media is reporting on it. Take a look.

First there is MSNBC. Look at the bold wording.

Sticky Situation: You see since the women glued his penis to his stomach he was left in a "sticky situation". Get it? I'll bet the people in the office were laughing their asses off out loud with whoever came up with this.

Sisterhood is Powerful: I suppose the writer is trying to say that it is an act of empowerment for women to bypass the actual law and take vigilante justice.

Emotional Wreck: “I am disturbed. I am upset. I am having a hard time handling life; an emotional wreck,” Wendy Sewell, 43, of Kaukauna, said in a telephone interview from her home. “I am ashamed.” Yes they left him tired to a bed to chew his way out of his bindings to go get help and SHE is the one that is upset? This really sounds like they thought they would be able to do such a horrible thing to that man and then shed a few tears to garner sympathy to get out of punishment (but don't get hopeful there is still hope for a female sentencing discount).

Now that we're past the bold take a look at some of the stuff in the article itself.

"With no way of getting even by legal means, they took the law — along with one of the victim’s more delicate bits of anatomy — into their own hands." This is the second sentence. Look at how the writer is trying to stack the deck by painting those four women as the victims in all this.

“The guy was a cheater. He’s a con man. He was taking money,” Pirro said. “But at the end of the day, the criminal justice system will identify him as a victim; these women will be identified as criminals.” You see what's going on here right. An attempt to make the victim look like the perpetrator. This is a smokescreen to keep people from realizing that what he did to them has absolutely nothing to do with what they did to him. Yes he multi-faced them and mooched their money but that is another set of charges altogether.

"Pirro pointed out that the sense of powerlessness would be reinforced by the fact that the women knew they’d been cheated, but also knew there was no legal recourse for them; the cad hadn’t broken any laws." This is about the second or third time that the article calls these women helpless and that they had no legal recourse. You would think that not having a legal way out actually justifies an illegal act. They could have done some "equalizing" act like steal his money to make up for what he mooched off them but no they went into a totally different direction by committing a sex crime against him.

"When you feel law can’t help you out and can’t punish the person appropriately, then I’m going to take matters into my own hands because it’s only fair. These women were seeking fairness, and this is what they did." My Nintendo DSi was stolen last month. Does that mean that I should be able to lead the woman that stole it to a hotel room, tie her down, glue her labia to her thighs, steal her car, money, phone, and then leave her there as "justice"?

But of course that's not enough. Its not enough this article engaged in victim blaming, tried to paint the perpetrators as victims, and support vigilante justice. No no they drop a shocking revelation.
Pirro said the episode underlines a reality about modern America: Women are getting more violent.

“We see it in teen gang violence where women are assaulting other women and actually killing other women. And more women are going to prison,” Pirro told Morales. “And they’re not being seen as these maternal, soft mothers who don’t deserve to go to jail.

“They’re being seen as human beings who are as capable of violence as men are.”

This is not some new tidal wave that is just hitting America. Women have been violent for a long time its just that their stories are finally getting the press that they should. Us common folk have known this for a long time but looks like the media is finally starting to catch on. The sad part is stories of women being violent are still getting the sugar coat treatment but they are getting out there.

This is getting kind of long so I'll split it. I'll be back in a bit in part 2.