Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nevermind the person tied to the bed, its all about the tech

Trigger warning: this post and the comment thread discuss rape and violence.

I came across this post last week at Gizmodo. It is pointing out an old Nintendo Gameboy Pocket ad which appears to be advertising from the angle that young gamers have a reason to not tie a woman up and rape her. None of that women should be respected and asked for consent before sex. Nah just throw her down and make her take it and if she tries to fight back just tie her hands to the bed posts and continue.

And the comment section adds fuel to the non consensual fire by posting a Virgin Radio ad which a woman listens to said radio station on headphones while a man in the background is tied to a bed. Once again no need to make sure he wants to have sex just do your business and if he gets rowdy tie him up and make him take it anyway.

It good to know that such ads are in the past but the attitudes behind them are anything but. People still believe that women have no say over the people they have sex with and that it is okay to just have sex with them just as they believe that men always want to have sex therefore there is no need to both with a minor thing like consent. Its attitudes like this that justify the very existence of feminists and men's rights activists. If you have a problem with one of those groups a big step to helping them outgrow their usefulness would be to eliminate attitudes like this.