Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Breath Your Name as I sit in a Field of Flowers, waiting for you to Kiss Me

Well its that time of the month again so its time for another song title link post. I got the inspiration for this a few weekends ago when I was in a Lowes hardware store. As I walked up and down the isles looking for a power drill when a song came on over the loud speaker. It had a soft melodic sound. I tried to listen for the lyrics but all I could make out was "breath your name". It wasn't much to go on but thankfully I got the key part. After returning home that night and searching some lyric sites and to confirm that its song from a band I had not listened to in quite a while.

Back in the late 90s during the time of Sixpence None the Richer's peak I was near the end of high school and was really just starting to broaden my musical tastes beyond rap, hip/hop, and R&B. Then in 1999 the movie "She's All That" came out with its main song, "Kiss Me" by that group. Whenever I think about or listen to this song I think about that movie and I also just feel a calm wash over me. Oh and I also lip sync the lyrics under my breath...okay I open lip sync it when no one is around.

That's enough for my trip down memory lane here's the video.

Breath Your Name
I discovered that this is the track that I was listening to in Lowes.

Field of Flowers

Kiss Me

Alright folks see you again at the end of September!


OuyangDan said...

Great songs...and I will forgive you for using a Twilight fanvid for just that reason. ;)

Danny said...

Truthfully I haven't dipped my feet in the Twilightverse (and don't plan to since I think that teenagers and vampires are a bad mix) but the only reason I used it is because it was the only vid I could find that allowed embedding. But thanks for the commentary!