Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hopefully this will become the standard

And by standard I mean that people will be presented as they are instead of being squeezed into a mold of what models are "supposed to look like".

Everyone from the mainstream media to the fringes of the blogsphere has been all a buzz over a photo of Lizzie Miller recently published in Glamour magazine. Why the buzz? Because with her size 12-14 waist Miller is considered to be a "plus-sized" model. I know right? We have a problem here.

As we all know the modeling industry has almost always imposed impossible standards of beauty on women (and men) in terms of what they are supposed to look like. Always on their shoulders ever shrinking definition of what beauty and sexy are. For years women and girls have been told by these magazines, models, and clothing designers that in order to be beautiful, in order to be attractive to men (our own tastes be damned), they have to be very small. Even if being so small was uncomfortable, undesirable, and in some cases unhealthy girls and women idolized those models and did whatever it took to look like them and fit into those same clothes. This is the fear that body image issues, insecurity, and eating disorders thrive off of.

For years girls and women have been plagued by these images. Perhaps this image by Lizzie Miller is proof that those magazines, modeling agencies, and clothing designers are finally starting to understand. Maybe this image will get them to realize that they have their own silly notions of what women are "supposed to look like" and they don't make sense, are damaging to the people that try to imitate them, don't always look that attractive and in some cases can be pretty unhealthy.

I really hope that this does not start and stop with this photo of Miller. I really hope that this is not just a one hit wonder but is an epiphany that women come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and other things. I really hope that one day women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and other things will regularly adorn the covers and pages of magazines and runways across the world. They are all beautiful.

Below is a sit down Lizzie Miller had with MSNBC a few days ago.

I would just like to say that as a man that looks at and is attracted to women I think that it is about goddamn time that we start seeing a mixture of women in the magazines and on the runway. Personally I think that she is very attractive (the phrase "pretty damn fine" is not out of the question). When I'm out and about I see a wide mix of women of different sizes and shapes and I find those different sizes and shapes attractive in different ways. And I know a lot of men who share my sentiment.


Burke said...

She's beautiful. I completely agree with you, and I really, really hope this is the beginning of a wonderful trend. Hey.. and even if Glamour won't jump at the chance to shoot "real" women, why can't you or I? Let's start a Real Women photo mag. I swear, it'll be great. ;)

Danny said...

A "Real Women" photo mag. Not a bad idea...