Sunday, August 2, 2009

From Toy Soldiers: The Only One

Toy Soldier has a new post up on how male victims of sex crimes are viewed by society.

TS points out how despite assurances to the contrary that male victims of sexual crimes are often silenced and shunned by one of two main ways.

First there is the "its doesn't happen that often technique". People who employ this method like to point out that most male victims were assaulted by men. As if who the assailant is has any bearing on how the victim should be treated. You can see this from feminists who push male privilege checklists that have an item like:
If I’m a teen or adult, and if I can stay out of prison, my odds of being raped are relatively low.
What I find funny is that people who are so quick to point out that there are large numbers of women/girls whose rapes and sex assaults go unreported they seem to think that the reporting on male victims is accurate. Once it has been told that most males are assaulted by males then apparently the remaining males that were assaulted by females are so few in number that they are not worth talking about or at least that since females are assaulted by males in greater numbers that the victims' advocacy efforts should be put there first.

Next you have the method of assaulting ones masculinity. You know you've heard people say something to effect that since males want sex all the time we can't be violated, especially by women. If raped by a man then its proof he is secretly gay because he could have just fought them off. If raped by a women then its proof that he is weak man because a "small and fragile" woman would never be able force a man to have sex and besides if there was an erection then he obviously wanted it. Not only do such people that believe this have a warped sense of masculinity but they also infantalize women by presuming that a woman is somehow incapable of such a violent act and have a grave misunderstanding of the male body (check this post out I did a while back for a bit clarification on that).

TS is one of those guys out there trying to dispel the myths, presumptions, stigmas, and assumptions about male victims of sex crimes. You should go check him out.