Friday, August 28, 2009

For the godzillionth time NO I DON'T play football!

So I'm at the doctor's office today for routine maintenance and it happened AGAIN. A random woman decides to venture a guess that I played for my high school football team.

"I bet you play for the football team don't you?"

"No I don't even play sports."

"Oh I thought you were probably here for your physical."

"Nah I'm not even in high school anymore. Those days are long gone."

"Really? You look young."

"Really? I'm 28. How old do you think I am?"

"Oh you look about 17 or 18."

How many times must I have to put up with people thinking that big guy = athlete?

For all the people that want to tell me that large men aren't stereotyped, tell me that the only assumptions made about us are positive, or try to shut me up by saying that large women (they have they own issues so don't try to wash out mine with theirs okay?) have it harder I cordially invite you to kiss every damn inch of my fat man ass. Being a fat guy is not some position of privilege. Our lives don't magically become easier. We have problems just like any other walk of life.


womanistmusings said...

I don't think that this is necessarily solely a reflection of your size. Sports is the default for many when they think about MOC. They don't see us doctors, lawyers or any kind of professional for that matter. We are assumed to be into athletics because of the social discourse that we are mindless automatons. I see this playing out with my son who loves gardening and cooking as much as he likes to play hockey and work on karate. Until the racist discourse changes I am afraid this is one stereotype that we all have to fight. BTW congrats on looking so young, that is not necessarily a bad thing ;)

Danny said...

While not solely due to my size I have to wonder how many 5'9'' 160 MOC are just randomly asked what team they play for. Not only that but in regards to size the assumption I get is almost always football where most of the players are large men.

In the end I do agree that it is a blend of gender, size, and race I think that size is the one that sticks out the most on such assumptions.