Saturday, August 15, 2009

Echoes from the Computer Room

Its been a few weeks since my last entry from the computer room so here goes.

Today I get a call from an employee who is having trouble with his email. He says that the "From", "Subject", and "Received" fields in his email inbox had vanished. To be exact we are dealing with Microsoft Outlook.

Solution: It turns out that somehow he had removed those missing three fields from view. In order to restore them I only have to right click in the space where the fields where and select the option to edit the column properties. Once in that sub menu it was a matter of selected which columns are to be displayed. The three in question had been removed from the list. All I did was add them back.

Now the reason I put this one up is because its actually a call that I get a lot. I'm honestly not sure how it happens but I get this call a lot. Also bear in mind that this works from almost any email program/site and also in Windows Explorer when you have the view set to "Details".

That's all for now.