Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Because I never hear guys talking openly about sex toys...

And now for something a little different. (This post is kinda explicit. This is your only warning.)

So I'm cleaning my Fleshlight attachments and Pocket Pussy a few nights ago and I got to thinking about what other sex toys I'd like to try out. And that is when I realized that there really aren't that many different toys out there for men nor is there much discussion about men using sex toys. So allow me to start.

Before one even gets to spending money on solo sexual pleasure there is the ultimate sex toy, the hand. For most men this will most likely be their first sex toy. Just get up a good erection, take a grip of desired strength, stroke until ready (lube is optional but I personally don't need it). Once older a guy may decide the hand has gotten boring (a great reliable standby but but boring after a while nonetheless) he wants to try something a bit different.

First you have the Pocket Pussy. This is a small hand held sleeve that can be made out of any number of materials. Simply insert penis and thrust vigorously until ready. Not much to it and these can often be found pretty cheap usually in the $30 range or maybe even less. Pocket Pussies have the advantage of being easy to clean, easy to use, and are fairly cheap but are disadvantaged by not being very durable (in fact I intend to replace mine soon). (Oh yeah guys I recommend getting one with ridges on the inside. They can help with coping with the period of sensitivity that the head of the penis goes through during and after ejaculation.) A good start when one wants to experiment with a bit more and can lead to trying other things.

The next step is the Fleshlight. As the name implies a Fleshlight is a toy shaped like a flashlight yet on the inside is fake orifice made of cyber skin. Said orifice can be made in the form of a mouth, vagina, or anus. A guy can simply lube up his penis (and he WILL need lube, especially for the anus) and commence with the standard jerking motions. The inside of the Fleshlight feels just as good as the orifice it is imitating (or so the description says...). I have to say that this feels a lot better than the Pocket Pussy I own however the cleanup is lot more detailed.

TMI moment. You see the opening of my Pocket Pussy goes all the way through so when I cum I can push it out the other side, run a bit of soapy water through, and its clean. However with my Fleshlight the orifice actually fits inside the handle and when I cum it collects inside said handle (the orifice itself has an opening at the end like the Pocket Pussy) meaning that I have to remove the orifice, unscrew the cap on the bottom and then wash out the handle and the cap where the cum collected and then go and clean out the orifice. And along with the cleaning with the way I use toys (I place my penis inside then rub against my bed with a towel underneath) the Pocket Pussy is much easier to use than the Fleshlight.

Beyond the Fleshlight (which seems to be the "it" sex toy for guys) there are other more expensive, much more extravagant things like live dolls (imagine a life size doll of a woman with open and useable openings, yes all three openings), vibrating pussies (a likeness of a woman's torso with vaginal and anal openings that have vibrating motors inside for extra pleasure), and who knows what else.

Yeah I'm sure people reading this think that they now know too much about me. Oh well you'll live. Its just that when it comes to sex toys it seems that guys just aren't expected (or allowed) to talk about them. Well it doesn't help that there really aren't a whole lot of options to choose from either. So guys, what say you about male sex toys?


Guest said...

I have done both and gotten tired of both. I'm now trying anal pleasure which is something different than I ever tried. And I guarantee that any guy who tries it will like it. of course start out slow (teasing the exterior of the anus) and over time work your way in. Of course if you are currently straight this might change your mind as to being penetrated from behind by a man. I was straight and now am 100% bisexual.

Danny said...

You know that is one thing that has been crossing my mind lately. Any particular toy you recommend?

(And if you don't mind for the sake of confusion by having a bunch of "Guest" handles please add a nickname. Doesn't have to be your own name just something to distinguish you from other "Guests".)

MILE said...

Usually just a run of the mill vibrator, but occasionally Ill use a lubed up condom over two fingers and just finger it. Very satisfying. Still hopr to penetrated by guy tho.