Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Because black men can't sell software

Okay I'm all for the idea that when a company advertises their product in a new market they are going to put up local faces to ease their way in. However I have to wonder about this.

Seattle based software giant Microsoft has (or had) a picture on its American website that show a black man, an asian man, and a white woman in a office. Fine, well, and good right? Apparently for the Polish it is not. On the Polish version of the website the face of the black man was airbrushed away and replaced with that of a white man.

Now hear me when I say that the fact that the face that was put in place of the black man's was a white man's is not the problem. If the picture had originally been that of a white man and no switch was made there would be no problem. If he had been replaced with any other race, gender, or whatever other characteristics can be recognized on sight the problem would still be the same. Even if it had been originally been a white man's face and was switched for a black man's the problem would still be the same. The problem is that Microsoft, for some reason that may or may not be related to trying to ease its way into the Polish market, felt that someone's face (in this case a black man) was not appropriate for the Polish website.

We all know that when it comes to intelligence black men are supposedly at the bottom of the barrel. I mean when you are just a hypersexual rapist always on the lookout for the next woman to have sex with (her consent be damned) how can you possibly devote time to learning about computers right? It worries me that in this day and age such an idea may be what caused Microsoft to change the photo and it also worries me that the Polish attitude about black men (and women) was so bad that a picture of a black man would dissuade them purchasing Microsoft products.

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Michael Vintor said...

That is very racist in my opinion. There are a lot of black people that are smart as well! There are many that actually sell software and hardware in the market and they know what they are doing. Whoever made the change is running a risk of being labeled as a racist. Issue.. here we go again.