Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is what feminism is talking about

I myself don't claim to be a feminist and if you read my corner here you'll notice that I'm not the biggest fan of feminism but while I disagree with them on a lot of things this and this are 2 things that I can very clearly see eye to eye with them on.

The first story is of Sudanese women being lashed for wearing "indecent clothing". What was the indecent item you ask? Pants. Yes these women were punished with a physical beating for daring to wear what I wear every single day as a matter of routine. Think about that for a bit.

There are women in this world who are being limited against their will to wearing "women's garments". Perhaps they prefer pants to dresses. Perhaps they were experimenting with something different. Hell it doesn't really matter why they wore pants what matters is that the powers that be in that area of the world for "committing an indecent act or one which violates public morality or wearing indecent clothes", a charge that 3 women are awaiting hearings on received.

Women in this part of the world (the United States just so you know) get up in the morning and have a choice of several garments for their lower halves ranging from skirts, to dresses, to shorts, to pants and all in between (accounting for dress codes where applicable of course). What a day we live in when the garments one chooses can be dictated by law.

The second story is of women in India who before being able to participate in a state sponsored mass wedding were required to submit to an examination to verify that they had not participated in premarital sex. Along with being allowed to participate in this mass wedding the test was also required in order to qualify for a gift of 6500 rupees.

What a way to enforce the traditional value of making sure women of this culture remain pure for their future husbands. Not only are many of the women who attend these weddings basically forced to stay pure in order to go through them but many of them are also poor and the alure of a cash gift can be quite an incentive to save oneself.

Remember the people in these situations folks. These are some of the reasons that feminists do what they do.

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Danny said...

It does seem like a lot of feminists seem to be misguided however some of the things that they talk about are indeed on the money and I do posts like this to remind myself (and readers that drop by) that it would be wrong and unfair to write off the valid issues they talk about because some of them are speaking some nonsense.