Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He is black and he is a man

In all this talk about the racist treatment Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that I'm reading from the various blogs I read I've noticed something is missing.

No the people that are rabidly chiming in are pointing out the racist treatment of the cops that arrested him at home.

Yes the various bloggers are using this as an opportunity to point out the racial tension that has existed between police and black men for ages.

But I just showed you what they are missing. Everyone is going out of their way to point out the racist treatment black men like Gates have been the target of but no one is willing to talk about the sexist treatment they are on the receiving end of though. I can hear you now, "But Danny the reason he was treated that way was because of his race." And to you I say, "Ah but you are half right. Watch."

I'm sure you know that the different combination of classes we make up have a bearing on how other people treat us and the police are no different. Even if you just look at black woman vs. white man vs. black man vs. white woman and how the police will treat them differently you can see that the the specific combination of race and gender will alter things. They think black women are ghetto project cases, white women are damsels in distress, white men are simply trouble makers and black men are violent thugs that must be dealt with as quickly and harshly as possible. And I'm intentionally keeping it simple because all those statements go out the window when these people cross paths, you add in other classes (sexual orientation, races beyond black and white, religion, etc...), and you put them on different sides of the given situation, and do other things.

Even if you just look at black men and black women you can see how racist law enforcement also throw in sexism in their acts of hatred. Now while both black men and black women can victims of all sorts of violence black women are mainly subjected to sexual violence whereas black men are mainly subjected to straight murder. And if you look this actually goes back to the slave trade.

What I'm trying to say is that the reason Gates was treated that way was because not only his race but also because of his gender. But hey I suppose its good that people are at least talking about it.