Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Menu June 8 - June 12 2009

Week 2 of the menu.

Breakfast - Turkey Bacon and Scrambled Eggs

This is as simple as it sounds. Since last week's breakfast was sorta complicated I turned it down a few notches. I fried up 10 slices of turkey Bacon (some left over from the pack I bought for last week's quiche) and scrambled 8 eggs. This sound like a lot but bear in mind that this is lasting me five days. Add in a loaf of wheat bread and you have 5 bacon and egg sandwiches. On the side i have a cup of Mott's Applesauce (Granny Smith Apples-No Sugar Added). So to total it up:

Butterball Turkey Bacon - $2.73 (And mind you I've now eaten out of it for 2 weeks.)
1 Dozen Large Eggs - $1.59
1 Loaf of Nature's Own wheat bread - $2.99
1 6-pack of Mott's Applesauce (Granny Smith Apples-No Sugar Added) - $2.50

Total = $9.81

Lunch - Chicken Spaghetti
Alright I got a little experimental on this one so bear with me.

5-6 boneless skinless chicken breasts (Most grocery stores sell packs of these for about 6-8 dollars. The trick is to look at the frozen meats not the fresh ones.)

1 Can of mushrooms

2 jars of whatever spaghetti sauce you like (I personally used the "Mushroom" and "Traditional" varieties of my local grocery store's brand and just spiced it up.)

Spices for sauce (Trust me if you use a store bought brand, I don't know how to make my own, you will want to spice it up). Crushed red pepper and garlic powder

Noodles of your choice (I personally used Ronzoni wheat spaghetti noodles.)

Let's cook.

Okay first you want to clean and cook your chicken (Flaw: I pan fried the whole breasts without cutting them first. Big mistake, this increases the cook time. Cut them up first and then cook them.). I seasoned with Five Spice (prepacked mix of Fennel, Ground Cloves, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, and Ginger) and Italian Seasoning (prepacked mix of Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, and Basil). In a pot go ahead and mix your two cans of spaghetti sauce and spice it up to you liking. Once the sauce is right just add your chicken and you have your sauce. Prepare you noodles and you have chicken spaghetti. I personally put a bed of noodles in my container then a layer of sauce on top and leave it that way until its time to eat it (I'm one of those people that will only mix sauce and noodles just before eating).

One other word of caution. Since chicken isn't as tough as beef try not to stir it up too often or you will risk tearing it up into even smaller pieces. With my spaghetti lunches I am eating those frozen steamer packs of vegetables. They come in 1 pound packs so I eat half a pack each day.

Tally up:
Pack of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts - $7
2 jars of store bought spaghetti sauce - 2 x $1.89 = $3.78
1 can of mushrooms - $.99
Noodles - $2
3 packs of frozen veggies - 3 x $2 = $6

Total = $20.77

Well that's what I'm eating this week. Time to think about next week.