Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekly Menu June 15 - June 19

Money was a bit short so I wasn't able to really try anything new this week. For lunch I took another swing at turkey burgers. I could not find any ground turkey meat so instead I searched for some pre-patted ones again but I made sure to look at the calorie count this time and found some by Butterball that are 150 calories (the ones I had last time were by Shady Brook and were 240 calories each). For breakfast I repeated the quiche from last time with a few modifications.

First Quiche:
Breakfast - Homemade Quiche
Okay I kind of just made this up off the top of my head but in the end it came out pretty well. This is enough for 2 pies.
2 Deep Dish Pie Shells

1 Quart carton of Egg Beaters (I didn't use the entire carton mind you)

6 slices of turkey bacon (I recommend Butterball over Louis Rich because that stuff when cooked leaves a smell that lingers for about 2 days.)

1 pound package of turkey sausage (The one I found came in a log so that you can cut it into patties, like the Jimmy Dean stuff.)

1 package of frozen spinach (I used one of those frozen steamer packs that you can put in the microwave and cook in a few minutes. The package only has about 10oz and remember that it will draw up a bit when cooked so feel free to use it all)

1 package of mushrooms (You know those that come in the little blue cartons wrapped in plastic? Yeah those. I used plain white button mushrooms but feel free to get shitake or portabella to mix it up.)

Cheese for topping (I used shredded sharp cheddar.)

Quiche Revisited:

2 Deep Dish Pie Shells

1 Pint carton of liquid egg whites (I did use it all this time)

5 slices of turkey bacon (my dad ate one while I was cooking)

8 Turkey sausage patties (Jimmy Dean brand)

1 package of frozen spinach

1 package of mushrooms

Cheese for topping (This time I used Mozzarella this time)

The preparation was pretty much the same as last time except that I didn't burn my crusts and it wasn't as greasy this time because of the mozzarella not being as greasy as the sharp cheddar I used last time. If I keep this up maybe I'll be good enough at making it that I'll get to the point where I'm bold enough to share it with people other than my family.

Last night for dinner I made a Chicken Salad. Well unlike most people on this planet I hate the standard chicken salad with mayo, pickles, onions, boiled eggs, etc... So when one's Cooking Spirit has been revitalized what do you do when you come across a recipe you don't like? Build one of your own!

Spicy Chicken Salad

2 Cooked Chicken Breasts (pan fried with crushed red pepper and Five Spice to season)

Mayo (Kraft Light)

Horseradish Sauce

Celery Seeds

Crushed Red Pepper

Cashew Nuts (I used Emerald's "Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews" to be exact.

First I chopped the chicken (with a Slap Chop by the way, those things rule). Next I mixed in the Mayo and Horseradish Sauce (50/50 ratio to make it spicy but you may want a different mix). Next I chopped the cashews and mixed them in. Finally I added Celery Seeds and Crushed Red Pepper for the desired taste.

Pretty simlpe stuff but hey its a been a while since I've been cooking regularly so its not like I'm gonna be at Iron Chef level or something.