Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Menu June 1 - June 5 2009

I think that in an effort to keep track of what I cook for my weekly breakfast/lunch at work I'll start making a weekly post. These aren't going to be full on recipes (mainly because I'm not following one) but just a basic writeup. This first writeup from what I had this past week.

Breakfast - Homemade Quiche
Okay I kind of just made this up off the top of my head but in the end it came out pretty well. This is enough for 2 pies.
2 Deep Dish Pie Shells

1 Quart carton of Egg Beaters (I didn't use the entire carton mind you)

6 slices of turkey bacon (I recommend Butterball over Louis Rich because that stuff when cooked leaves a smell that lingers for about 2 days.)

1 pound package of turkey sausage (The one I found came in a log so that you can cut it into patties, like the Jimmy Dean stuff.)

1 package of frozen spinach (I used one of those frozen steamer packs that you can put in the microwave and cook in a few minutes. The package only has about 10oz and remember that it will draw up a bit when cooked so feel free to use it all)

1 package of mushrooms (You know those that come in the little blue cartons wrapped in plastic? Yeah those. I used plain white button mushrooms but feel free to get shitake or portabella to mix it up.)

Cheese for topping (I used shredded sharp cheddar.)

Okay start off pre-baking you pie crusts (there should be directions on the package but make sure you punch a lot of holes in them to prevent bubbles). When those are done you want to cook your bacon, sausage, spinach, and mushrooms. I cooked the meats separately but instead of cooking the spinach in the microwave by the directions on the bag I just sauteed it with the mushrooms In the bottom of the pie shell lay a layer of cheese and on top of that pour some of the egg beaters. Next lay a layer of one of the meats and pour on some more egg beaters. Add a layer of spinach/mushroom and some more egg beaters. The next layer is of the remaining meat and some more egg beaters. Finally put your cheese on top.

I cooked with my oven on 375 but honestly I'm not sure how long I cooked it. To get a good guess at the cook time bear in mind you only have to cook the egg beaters and get the cheese to a golden brown. Now assuming you layered the food into the pie pan while it was still hot like I did if would have only taken about 20 minutes. Take it out, let it cool, and you have quiche.

Just as you would with an omelette you can customize it by adding and taking out ingredients as you please.

Flaws: Okay this is the first time I did this so it wasn't perfect.
1. I overcooked the crusts when I baked them so by the time I put in the ingredients and cooked it again it was burnt.
2. Cheese - I chose to use sharp cheddar when is one of the most fatty and oily cheeses you can buy. There was so much oil that it actually made the quiche greasy. Next time I'm switching to provolone.

Not perfect but all in all I think it was pretty good for a first try.

Lunch - Turkey Burgers
You're gonna notice a lot of turkey popping up in the things I cook. I might be on the verge of giving up red meat. While out shopping I decided to pick up some pre-patted turkey burgers. I'm fortunate enough to have a full functioning kitchen at work with a George Foreman grill so cooking them was easy. However just before I ate the last one I decided to look at the nutritional facts out of curiosity and I was shocked. Each one of those burgers has 240 calories. Not very good. I suppose next time I should get ground turkey and pat them out myself.

Well that's what I had last week. Its 2am now so I'll post what I've got in store this week tomorrow after work.