Monday, June 22, 2009

The State of Fatherhood Address?

Last year Barack Obama saw fit to not only blame the breakdown of the family solely on fathers but he managed to get his father bash on on the one day of the year that is supposed to set aside for honoring, loving, cherishing and otherwise acknowledging fathers, Father's Day. I had hoped that was just a fluke and not the start of an annual tradition.

It would seem I was wrong.

Now don't get me wrong he is bringing attention to the men that do walk out on their responsibilities and the children who are lost without them. He even manages to pay a bit of lip service to the fathers that are doing what they should. However he does the same thing here that he did last year: totally ignore the fathers are desparately trying to do the right thing and be with their children.

In most discourse about fatherhood the vast majority of it is about trying to paint all men out to be deadbeat dads and a small minority of it dedicated to actually acknowledging the good fathers out there (mostly by men's and father's advocates). Mostly lost in the storm are the cries for help from dads that are being forcefully kept away from their precious children (or if you can't stand to acknowledge that men are being hurt then try to think about it from the perspective of the kids that are being kept away from their dads). (And again the it seems the ones that acknowledge these men are men's and father's advocates.)

Perhaps if Obama wants men to "step up" why doesn't he try lending a helping hand to all the children and dads out there that are beind kept apart by vindictive moms and the corrupt excuse for a "family court" they hide behind.