Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She is not a feminist

Throughout the world various people take on various titles and labels. They claim said titles/labels because they identify with the values, beliefs, traits, etc... of that title. However when measuring ones own beliefs against the various titles of the spectrum and notice that while they closely align with some of the values of a specific title the differences are so great that they cannot take on that title something happens.

Some people like me will choose to take on no label in an effort to avoid the negatives of them (namely people who use labels as a quick way to identify someone they don't like, no matter how wrong the reason is, in order make themselves feel good about dismissing them). Some will take on a title that is a slight variation of that label they closely align too. This is where you get Moderate Republicans, Radical Feminists, and so on. And some will take on a separate title altogether. This is what Renee has done.

Having decided to no longer put up with the racism that she has seen in feminism (somewhat similar to the sexism that I've seen) she has left the title behind to embrace the title of womanist. Go check Wiki for a start. To people like Renee the current landscape of feminism is so white female-centric that voices of color are being left out in the cold. For such people womanism has become the banner under which they operate. A banner that gives voice to the women of color that have been left silent by white feminism.

Now don't be cheap and just read this post here without taking a moment to at least check out Renee's place and Wiki I linked to. How are all of us different groups ever gonna get on the same page if we don't take the time to get to know each other?