Thursday, June 11, 2009

Being a man

So I'm doing my daily reading of Pelle Billing today and I come across this. It is a post by a guest by the name of Eivind Figenschau Skjellum. Eivind is one of the brains behind Masculinity Movies.
I am still reading the site (hey I just found it) and so far it seems that they are are on to something.

Their site is dedicated to their own approach dispelling the untruths, lies, and myths that plague the meaning of manhood brought on by various sources like the government, feminism, and men themselves. They want men to be able to wash away that nonsense and redefine masculinity. What I find interesting so far is the approached employed by the site. In a move that I have not seen before the minds behind Masculine Movies uses words and movies (hence the word movies in the title). Now I haven't had time to fully go over the site but it does look like its worth a read through.

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Eivind said...

Thanks for writing about Masculinity-Movies, Danny. I'm happy that you found the site useful. It's true that I'm trying to dispel the untruths, lies, and myths about the meaning of manhood. More than anything, however, the aim of the site is to help the reader find the resources within himself to break free from all those things and stand tall, free, and strong, regardless of his circumstances.

I don't think society is quite ready to dispel those lies as you call them, the propaganda that has worn down the self-image of men for several decades, but men on an individual level are moving in the right direction in increasing numbers. That's where the approach of Masculinity-Movies could help.