Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are you the Key Master?

I'm sure just about anyone reading this recalls the name of Arthur Freeman. That would be the man that threw his daughter from a bridge in Melbourne, Australia earlier this year. The child died as a result of the injuries from the fall. Now I remember this being all over the place when the story broke so I wonder if the actions of Amanda Jo Stott-Smith will ring just as loud.

Amanda Jo Stott-Smith has been charged and indicted with murdering her four year old son and attempting to murder her seven year old daughter, both by forcing them off Sellwood Bridge in Oregon. Now as you can see CNN has a small write up on it but if you look at this you see that CNN, and probably most of the mainstream media, might be missing a big part of the story. Possible motive.

It would seem that Stott-Smith may have gone to such an extreme as a result of the divorce and insuing custody battle she was going through. At the time of act her husband had custody of the two children and she had visitation rights. Since this just happened there may be more to this but at first glance this may be a case of gatekeeping (If I can't have my children no one will). This would not be the first time that a parent has gone to extreme lenghts to make sure the other never sees their children again and I doubt it is the last.