Thursday, May 14, 2009

Under Construction (well, sort of...)

Okay I'm finally taking up on my intent from last year to modify and change things on the blog. You'll notice I've changed the comment setup by adding Haloscan. Not that I've needed it (I've allowed every single comment that's been made here since I started last June) but I can now edit comments instead of deleting them. Right now I'm trying to get a "Recent Comments" gadget going. No telling what else I'll do to this site but if you see something out of the ordinary (or just have a suggestion) don't be scared to speak up.


Meadester said...


I really enjoy your blog. I have had it in my blogroll for a while. Would you consider putting my blog in your blogroll?

Danny said...

Sure. I'm always looking for places to haunt.

Meadester said...