Saturday, May 23, 2009

Of course not

One of the things that people complain about is the practice of glorifying crime. Well this has to be a the glorifying of one of the most despicable crimes of all, rape.

For those of you that may not recall Mary Kay Letourneau was a school teacher that had a sexual relationship with one of her six grade students back in late 90s. Not only did she have a sexual relationship with the under aged boy but she also had two children by him. This case was the wake up call to a side of teacher/student sex that most people simply did not think happened. Before this case most people just assumed that the only teacher/student sex that went on was male teacher/female student and the media really didn't help in its practice of only reporting that arrangement of teacher/student sex.

Now that she has served her prison sentence she picked up a bit of celebrity notoriety by hosting a series of "Hot for Teacher Night" parties.

You can say what you want but the only reason she has been able to pull this off is because her rape of an under aged boy is thought of as "hip", "cool", or whatever. It all comes down to this, an adult woman that has a sexual relationship with an under aged boy is not treated as harshly as other forms of statutory rape.

And why is that you ask? It is because men and boys are taught by society that we want sex all the time and based on this auto-consent there is no problem with having sex with a male regardless of consent, age, or other conditions. Under such teachings we are brought up thinking that we cannot be victims of such sex crimes. Young boys get violated by adult women and the usual response is a joke that they should be lucky to score. Reactions like that are a problem on two fronts. First it ignores the letter of the law that states an under aged child is unable to consent to sex. Second it ignores that boy's feelings on the subject. It's real easy to just shrug it off as "he got lucky" or "you can't rape guys because they want sex all the time" but when people do that they are not taking into account whether or not he actually wanted to have sex with that adult woman (mind you even if he said yes its still against the law).

When told that he actually wants sex all the time because he is a boy that boy is left thinking that he is a perverted animal that just wants to have sex all the time, even when he thinks he doesn't. From there its only a short leap to him concluding that he is dirty because of his natural sex drive (or that he is "not a real man" because he doesn't want sex all the time like "men are supposed to") and thinking that he deserved to get raped (which is a common feeling among all rape victims). That is the scope that male sexuality is limited to. We are beasts that cannot control our lustful desires.

So as you can see it is pretty easy to understand how a woman can have sex with an under aged boy, ruin his childhood, serve time in prison and manage to get some D-list celebrity status out of it. And given the stigma attached to raping children depending on the gender of the rapist and the victim is there any doubt that a male teacher that raped an under aged girl would have no chance in hell of pulling this off the same way Mary Kay Letourneau has (and manage to keep custody of 2 children from a previous marriage and 2 children that were produced by statutory rape)?

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womanistmusings said...

This was a case of rape pure and simple and if Letourneau were a man you can bet she would be vilified to this day. I think part of the issue is that she is white and the child that she raped is of color. Everyone knows that supposedly "pure" white women are not predatory and of course the poor child wanted it after all POC cannot control their sexual desires. This case made me sick from the moment I first heard about it. The media even declared it as a forbidden love story. There is no justifying what she did.