Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ah here's another one

Came across this today. It's an article on a method of male birth control and it may look promising.

The method of treatment is a monthly shot of testosterone. This shot serves the effect of providing birth control by way of temporarily blocking sperm production in men. Early trials in China resulted in about 1 in 100 men still fathering a child while on the treatment and sperm production was back to normal after six months of ceasing the injections. Though promising the trial wasn't exactly foolproof.

Nearly a third of the men that participated dropped out for reasons unknown. And while no serious side effects were reported on this many past attempts at developing one have been hampered by reliability and side effects. But just the glimmer of hope this provides is promising.

As contraception stands now men pretty much have have condoms, no sex, and vasectomy. Condoms can break, no sex denies men of the pleasure of sex, and vasectomy is permanent. It would be nice to have other choices for contraception. But I have a question.

As you can see this is coming from BBC News out of the UK. Why is coverage on male contraception so few and and far between in the mainstream media in the US? Even if you buy into the silly assumption that men only want to have as much sex as they want without any consequence then would it not work to their advantage to have more choices in birth control? I mean what "dog" would not want the option of a little extra protection from getting a woman pregnant? If you don't buy into said assumption even still I'm sure there a lot of people out there that would like to have an extra method of contraception.

Even if this exact testosterone injection method isn't doesn't make it to market its nice to know that at least someone is working on this and gives hope to the idea that one day there will be extra options for us.