Thursday, April 23, 2009

What have I been up this week?

For some odd reason I've been reading a lot of stuff and forming fragmented ideas for posts but nothing cohesive enough to turn into a full post (might have something to do with that fetish party I went to last Saturday). Well I've never been one to be held back by something as simple having several pieces that don't fit so here goes. These are some of the posts and stories I've been reading about in the last week or so.

Pelle Billing - Misandry in the Media: Pelle sheds a bit of the light on the misandry that has become a regular but unnoticed occurrence in the media. (Sidenote: I just had to add word misandry to the electronic dictionary so it would not keep coming up as misspelled).

What Tami Said - Coming Out Black and Agnostic: Tami tells the story of a man who is dealing with the situation of being agnostic in the black community given the connection between the black community and the church.

Womanist Musings - Only 4.99 To Own A Racist Black Bobble Head: Renee shows us an online retail site called DealExtreme that apparently receives a portion of its profit from banking on racism. And sadly enough that's not the only offensive merchandise on the site.

Jump Off The Bridge - BREAKING: Guilty Verdict Means Justice for Angie: Sally has a post up on the guilty verdict of Allen Ray Andrade, the man on trial for the murder of Angie Zapata. The post itself contains several links to other posts covering the story.

Elle, phd - Again: Elle links to the story of Jaheem Herrera, another little star that will never get to shine due to being driven to suicide by a barrage of bullying and harassment that included anti-gay sentiments.

The Thang Blog - I Hate ‘The Body Swap Episode’: R (I just discovered this site and as far as I can tell the blogger goes by only "R") has something interesting here. In this post R has a take on the "Body Swap Episode" that is a common occurrence in sci-fi programming that I for one had never thought about before. I highly recommend this one.

Glenn Sacks - Short Article on DV says a Lot: Robert Franklin gives a small commentary on a small article on seldom covered phenomenon of female against male DV.

So while I haven't been able to think of a post of my own this week I have been at least reading other people's stuff.


Renee said...

thanks for the linky love though I never thought I'd be on the same list as Glenn Sacks LOL

Danny said...

I honestly think that this is probably the only place in all of the blogsphere that you would both be mentioned in a non-negative manner.