Thursday, April 9, 2009

There's a reason for that...

So I'm reading FoxNews and came across this.

Its an article giving stats on the phenomenon of how fat men are more likely to get promoted in the corporate setting then fat women. Well as a fat man I know why that may happen and its not a glorious as some may want to think.

Simply put as far the stereotypes, assumptions, and generalizations are concerned fat men don't have lives. We aren't outgoing. We don't rock the boat. And most importantly we don't have lives outside of work. Now this is not to say that there is no sexist intent against fat women because there is but I'm sure fat women themselves can tell you about the sexist and fatphobic treatment the receive better than I can (I recommend checking out Kate Harding for a start.) Now back to the topic at hand.

Fat guys are usually the ones that toil away silently in the background and are so lacking in anything that resembles self esteem that we just clam up. A lack of self esteem and confidence is a surefire recipe for not standing up and making your voice heard. And despite what companies say they like people like that. Why? Because people like that are the ones they can manipulate into doing whatever they want and not have to worry about them raising up when treated unfairly.

So rest assured for every one of those fat guys in a high end corporate position there are a few dozen fat guys fading into the background. And just because there are more fat guys than fat women does not mean that fat guys are on easy street and have it made.