Thursday, April 30, 2009

As Expected...

Okay as most of you know Melissa Huckaby is staring down the barrel of murder and rape charges for the rape and murder of 8-year old Sandra Cantu. Well as expected since this breaks the script of a man being the one charged with such a crime the first thing many media outlets are scrambling to do it is "figure out what made her do it". Well when in doubt about trying to find out why a woman would do such a violent thing there is always the standard method of finding a man or men in her past to point at. And it would seem that a few have been pulled up.

This is from an article from
According to new information obtained by ABC News, Huckaby had at least two prior relationships with men she claimed abused her.
The "I was abused line." Now I'm not saying that she was not abused because it is certainly possible that she was but I have to say that the timing of such revelations is very odd and convenient. I suppose since it worked for Mary Winkler she thinks it can work for her too. Oh and I wonder where the "It doesn't matter what happened before that was uncalled for." crowd is on this one?

And then we have article titles like this:
Disbelief among those who know Tracy suspect

Was Melissa Huckaby Raped?

Disbelief as teacher Melissa Huckaby is charged with child rape and murder

and how times are we going to have to look at this picture of her sobbing at one of her hearings?

With coverage like this it's going to be very interesting to see how the trial goes.