Sunday, March 29, 2009

We are Embracing in My Dreams. Together Forever. Just me and My Only Love

Almost forgot.

Anita Mui - Embracing in My Dreams
After years of watching Anita in asian action movies (namely Herioc Trio) I found out that she had a blooming career as a pop singer in Asia. Sounds like she used George Micheal's "Careless Whisper" as the background music (but most of the lyrics are in Chinese so it might be a full cover, yet that does not explain why its called "Embracing in My Dreams"). Sadly Anita is no longer with us as she succumbed to cancer in 2003. Rest in Peace Wonder Woman.

Lisette Melendez - Together Forever
Old school Latin dance club music. I was just listening to music in my collection when I came across this for the first time in a long time. Back when this song came out I was just in middle school. No this is not the original video (assuming there is one) but first its the only vid I could find of this song and can you not find this entertaining?

Sailor Moon Soundtrack - My Only Love
This series was most likely one of the first if not the first taste of Japanese anime most people over got. Sailor Moon is pretty old series that was targeted at the preteen girl demographic (although I've crossed paths with a lot of guys who dug the show too). It was an okay show but one of the things that stuck out was this song.

Just in the nick of time on the last day of the month. I just noticed something about this. Gold star to whoever notices. (Hint: It's still March for about an hour.)