Monday, March 16, 2009

The Proper Diet

For the last several months I've been trying to put my mom's cooking skills to good use by trying to come up with things to cook in order to keep from having to eat so much damn processed and fast food. Not only that but hopefully save a bit of money as well. This past weekend I came up with...well something. Here's what I did.

You're gonna need a really large skillet for this or a wok would be even better (remember we are trying to make 5 lunches and we aren't having anything to go with them).

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

24 oz. of whatever veggies you want (but think towards a stir fry)

1 pack of fresh mushrooms (I found pre-cut ones but getting some whole ones and cutting them is fine)

Noodles of your choice (I tried Buckwheat Soba for the first time and realized I don't like them. I'll pick another noodle next time.)

Whatever spices you like (I used fresh garlic, Five Spice, Crushed Red Pepper, and Ginger Flavored Soy Sauce).

Optional: If you want to make it soup instead of stir fry get some vegetable broth.

Here goes.

1. Cook your noodles and set them off to the side.

2. Chop the chicken up into chunks and pan fry them in oil. I forgot to get some olive oil but ended up using some canola oil on hand. Add in the fresh garlic but make sure not to put it in too soon. Its gonna take a while to cook the chicken but garlic will burn pretty easily and burned garlic is very bitter.

When the chicken and garlic are done take them out of pan and put them to the side because if you leave it in the pan you run the risk of burning the garlic. (DO NOT CLEAN THE PAN. That is part of how the flavors will mix.)

3. Next we pan fry the mushrooms (cut them if you bought whole ones) and season them with Five Spice.

4. If you use frozen veggies like I did (you know those steam bags you toss in the microwave for a few minutes) heat them up first if they're fresh just chop them up. Wither way get your veggies ready then pan fry them in oil with some crushed red pepper.

5. Mix the chicken, mushrooms, and veggies into the pan and reheat them and add some ginger soy sauce. We used oil on them before so we don't need any now. Once you have them nice and mixed add the noodles (I waited til the end because putting them in too soon may cause them to break when you're mixing it together.

6. Optional: Upon serving (or putting them in the container for later) add some vegetable broth so you can have some hot liquid if you want.

There you have it. A simple variable stir fry recipe. Don't like chicken? User beef, tofu, or whatever. There are countless combinations of vegetables so I'm sure you can think of one you like. You can use just about any noodle or rice you want or skip them if you like. And don't get me started on the seasonings.

This is why I like the basic stir fry recipe. There are so many things you can do with it that you won't get bored easily while trying to eat better and cheaper.


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