Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen....

For the last several weeks people have been going on and on about Chris Brown abusing Rihanna. Some saying the Brown needs to go to prison. Some saying that "a man should never hit a woman for any reason" (which is bullshit). Some saying that Brown's music label should drop him (I wonder if those same people would want Rihanna's label to drop her if it does turn out that she started the confrontation). There has even been an influx of news articles and tv specials that boasted very frank discussions on DV but then proceed to continue the belief that male vs. female is the only form of DV there is. Here's what I have to say about it.

Chris Brown needs to be brought up on charges and go to prison. If it turns out that she did start the confrontation then such information needs to be brought to light (no matter how badly the "it doesn't matter who started it he needs to be punished" crowd that would want to continue the myth that only men commit DV wants to keep it quiet) and possibly charge her as well.

Thank you. That is all.


Renee said...

Why am I not surprised to find you advocating to investigate the victim. It's apologist. The beating was started because she had the nerve to check his text messages. Clearly out of the two of them only one was seriously injured. No matter what she did to him it did not require that kind of response.

Danny said...

So based on the damage alone he should just go to prison without an investigation or trial?

I'm saying investigate the victim I'm saying investigate the event in question. If it turns out that he came at her without physical he should face charges plain and simple. If if it turns out that she did start the physical confrontation he should still be charged. Its not my fault that you look at a DV incident and then bend backwards to insure that only what the guy did comes to light. Funny, I thought you advocated for the truth to come out no matter how ugly it is.

(Based on your logic Mary Winkler should be rotting in a cell somewhere but not only is she walking but she kept custody of the kids.)