Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've been a little busy this week...

and has been blocked at my job so I've started to simply email links to myself so I can go back and post on them later. Here goes.

Sarcastic shock and notation of physical differences: In this Connecticut divorce trial the husband alleges that his wife forced him to have sex. Not only does this give cause for the writer of the article to start off with, "She forced Swede love on him!" but it would seem one of her lawyers thinks he can prove it didn't happen because, "The notion that she could be raping a 226-pound man who's 6-foot-3 is beyond the pale," I wonder if this Laura Italiano will open with such shock and awe the next time a woman alleges her husband raped her during a divorce trial and I wonder, if said wife is larger than said husband, will her defense attorney use this Robert Cohen defense to explain why it could not have happened.

It's important to know that this is not domestic violence: Helen Sun just wanted to speak with her husband. Problem is she changed the locks to the bedroom and then handcuffed herself to him while he slept. Well for some reason Helen then bites him while he was on the phone with 911 calling for help. Police have charged Sun with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint. The words domestic nor violence are anywhere in the article. I guess that is why no is talking about this during this time in which networks, shows, and many in the blogshpere are tripping over themselves to have "real" and "frank" discussions on DV.

A virginity is not a commodity: UK mother Lucy Baxter is searching for a woman to have sex with her son who has Down's Syndrome. And it would seem that she is even willing to hire a prostitute for the act if need be. She says "I'd like all my boys to find love and enjoy sex." Now from what understand love is a wonderful thing and sex can be quite enjoyable but how can sex be enjoyable if it is bought for you? The article says he asked for the help but this just seems odd.

Male victimization: Toy Soldier expresses his feelings on how male victims (namely male victims of female rapists) are treated in some feminist discourses.

Not a whole lot mind you but I have been a bit busy.