Saturday, March 7, 2009

I wouldn't call it cream....

but damn if it hasn't floated to the top (or at least near the top). I decided to register with StumbleUpon and ran a search on "men's rights" and then filtered with "men's issues" and low and behold this piece of nonsense rears its head again.

This post was apparently a breakdown of Men's Rights Activists are all about. Mind you its by a feminist/feminist ally but nevermind that. See this is some of the hypocrisy that I occasionally see among activists. They have no problem telling other groups what they are really about but woe be the outsider soul that dares to tell them what they are really about.

On one hand I find the hypocrisy comically ironic. On the other I can understand why an MRA would be infuriated by this crap. On another it makes me glad that I don't bother with titles. On another...hold on I only have 2


Renee said...

While you may disagree with that post, I found it to be accurate and fair. There was no twisting of the agenda whatsoever.

Danny said...

I hope you remember this:
It's just that these rights, like the right to beat and rape your wife with impunity, are anathema to a truly free and equitable society.
the next time someone says that feminists are all about gaining special privileges for women.

Oh, sure -- they also don't want to pay child support. There's a huge segment of MRAdom that's fed by divorced men angry that their ex got custody of the kids, and now they have to fork over money to support them.
Yeah there is no way those dads are angry because the same court that will hunt them to ends of the earth to collect child support will refuse to lift a finger to help him maintain his court awarded visitation.

and my favorite:

The MRAs with legitimate gripes would be well-served to embrace feminism.
What better way to woo someone over to your side than by bashing and generalizing their entire movement and then tell them they should just "come on over to feminism". This guy is throwing jellyfish into the pool and then saying, "Hey you really shouldn't be swimming in there. Come join us over here."

I'm not saying he's all wrong but he damn sure isn't all right and I'm really sorry that you can't see the twisting Renee.

Anonymous said...

California will have gay marriage legalized before it has meaningful joint custody legislation in place.

In our state we finally got the courts to acknowledge male victims of domestic violence (and female victims with teenage male children) finally deserve some taxpayer dollars for shelters and services, which were denied until late last year.

Boys are failing in schools and not getting to college in huge numbers. The feminist response is a shrug and more misinformation about the "girl crisis".

If you have children, especially male children, you should worry about where society is going when it treats men and boys as worthless, disposable entities.