Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still not back in the office yet...

Dad's doing fine and should be going home tomorrow. I managed to score some free wifi so I've been trying my best to keep up with the blogs I follow. Here's a breakdown.

Women-Only Spaces
Antigone throws in her two cents on the theory behind creating gender equality with gender segregated spaces. (That post is based on a previous post of hers that is linked at the beginning so you may want to look back to get the whole story.)

Why Feminism Came First
Pelle Billing takes a look at why the women's movement came before the men's movement. And I have to say that it makes a bit of sense.

Join My War on Facebook
It would seem that Sally has grown tired of the ads that she receives from Facebook.

Adoption Agency Gets Another Man's Child
Glenn Sacks points out another example of a man being denied the opportunity to become a loving parent by a mother that would rather see the child with adoptive parents.

Hopefully that will tide you folks over for a few days until I get back to working on my own stuff again (reminds me that I have a song title link post to do in the next week or so).