Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oh come on people...

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Apparently cartoonist Sean Delonas thought this was a good idea. Something to laugh at. Something that would received as "insightful and thought provoking". First off this was not a good idea in fact it was a very bad idea. Second if you see someone laughing at this I highly recommend you reevaluate your opinion of that person. Third this does provoke quite a bit of thought but believe me when I say that the thoughts that are provoked are not of Sean being insightful.

Not to say that it would be okay outside of February but he could have at least waited until Black History Month had passed.

I've read some asking if Rev. Al Sharpton is on point with complaining about this. Hell the fuck yeah he is on point for complaining about this. The man has his moments but its insulting to even think it is even necessary to ask if he has any business complaining about it.

Post racism world my ass...