Monday, February 9, 2009

I see your 25 Random Things...

1. Yes my first name is Daniel.

2. My current hairstyle of choice is the afro (and yes I have the pick with the black power fist).

3. For reading material I lean towards mystery, fantasy, and a small bit of horror.

4. Don't bother asking me what my favorite movie is. I like a lot of them but there's no way I can pick one and say its my fave.

5. Did I mention I was indecisive?

6. A part of the list in my ideal human rights conversation would be Glenn, Sally, Lisa, Ren, Fred, etc...not sure who else but there would be more people in this conversation.

7. I have no problem with people who do not know any better on a subject but are at least civil. Its those bastards that do not know any better on a subject but still insist on acting like they are the know all authority on it that bother me...

8. If it were possible I would be the one jedi in existence that would actually have a higher body count with telekinesis than with a lightsaber. Sure impaling people and removing various body parts is fun but being able to force grip someone and toss them off into the distance just does it for me even better.

9. After spending 8-9 hours a day answering phones would YOU feel like talking on the phone once you get off work? That is why I'm horrible about answering phone calls.

10. The holy grail of my video game collection would be a functioning Turbo Grafix 16 WITH the CD system. That will be a glorious day. Angels will sing, champagne will fall from the heavens, velet curtains will part.

11. I'm the world's laziest cook. Don't get me wrong when I get in the kitchen I throw the fuck down problem is I don't feel like getting in the kitchen too often.

12. I recently bought the entire "Angel" tv series boxset on ebay for $65.

13. Am I the only person that loves peanut butter so much that I didn't stop eating it during this salmonella scare?

14. I firmly believe that the person that coined the phrase, "The customer is always right." never worked in retail and should have violence committed against them.

15. In order to put on headphones I have to part my hair. And I haven't worn a hat in years.

16. For the most part I don't bother with labels. People spend too much time arguing over the labels themselves and not focusing on the actions of the people in question. A damn waste if you ask me.

17. Dark Chocolate is probably the greatest sweet ever invented.

18. When I sleep at night I have to have some sort of sound (usually music) going on.

19. I occasionally take Fuck It Days.

20. I wanted to try an MMO but WoW just did not look interesting so I went for Lord of the Rings Online instead. And I'm glad I did.

21. Unfortunately now I'm playing an MMO again I have basically no time for console gaming.

22. Just caugh up on Bleach yesterday. 205 episodes. Need to get around to catching up on One Piece.

23. If I could have one mutant ability it would most certainly be control over magnetism because Magneto owns. Yeah most people would go for telepathy because it would be so easy to win a fight but that just doesn't interest me. (Mind you telepathy is about the only way you could stop a person with Magneto's powers.)

24. For me the ideal pizze has mushrooms, spinach, garlic, and pepperoni.

25. My taste in music? Basically anything but country (but there are a few country music exceptions to that).

...and I'll raise you a 26!!! Haha!!!!

26. You must watch this:


frau sally benz said...

WOOT! I love helping spread memes.

This was awesome. #7 is SO true, and I was completely unfazed by the salmonella scare. Salmo-what? Don't mess with my peanut butter!

frau sally benz said...

Oh, and thanks for the shout-out (#6). That would be an interesting conversation indeed...

BigFred said...

Thanks for the shout out. That conversation would be interesting.

As to number 8.... I'd have to go with force lightning. Telekinesis is cool, but I always thought the Emperor had the coolest power since he could shoot out lightning bolts.