Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For an organization with "Ethical" as part of its name...

the people that come up with P.E.T.A's marketing/protest efforts seem to have a short of supply of ethics.

First they go and use borderline nude pictures of women in its ads (don't believe me eh? Then go check ask (i.e. search) Renee, Cara, and Melissa about it).

Well I guess they decided that such a campaign was offensive or something so they came up with a better way to generate awareness.

So check out the attire they chose. I'm pretty sure there's not much ethical about invoking one of the most racist images imaginable.

Yes you saw that correctly. Members protested in front of the Westminster Dog Show last night where white robes and white hoods that are pointed at the top. Perhaps this marketing group just magically forgot about the last 250 some odd years or they just don't give a fuck anymore. Does this mean that the members that did this can be considered extremists now? Well the majority of the blogshpere has already cut this open and excised the racism at work here but I just had to say something.

I wanted to say WFT and epic fail at the same time but couldn't quite figure out how. But that's okay cuz Dramatic Chipmunk and Bob Barker have it under control:

(And this is not the last time you will see this.)