Thursday, January 22, 2009

Through a New Looking Glass: Music

I'm sure I'm not the only person that occasionally looks back at things from the past. I'm also sure I'm not the only person that will notice the difference between how yesterday's perception is often different from today's perception. Today I was watching the music video from a song that was real popular back in the day.


(It would seem that someone has decided they don't want the original Baby Got Back video on youtube anymore because the one linked to was removed and I simply can't find another one. So for the sake of letting you hear the words here is an AMV (anime music video) that uses the song to clips of various anime.)

Yesterday's Perception: When I first heard this song I was just getting into my teens. Teens mean puberty. Puberty means horomones. Horomones mean seeing things that one has never seen before. Seeing things one has never seen before means thinking things one has never thought before. I began to take notice of the female form (and I say female because I was "noticing" both girls my age and grown women). Then I heard this song and saw the video and my eyes, mind, and ....ummmm....other things were thankful to see so much body shaking and to hear declarations of what a good looking woman looked like. To put it shortly I was horny and was glad to have such things to look at.

Today's Perception: A mixed bag.

On one hand Sir Mix-A-Lot and the guys in the video were standing up and saying that they were not buying the nonsense that the media was feeding them about what was an attractive woman but were making their own choice (mind you this was before today's hiphop/rap which pretty much constantly states that phat booties are the hotness). On the other hand the women in the video are sexualized and are being reduced to a single body part for the sake of this song.

On one hand the song is saying that there is nothing wrong with having curves and a woman does not have to look like a magazine model to be considered attractive. On the other hand the video actively puts down women who do look like magazine models.

On one hand Sir Mix-A-Lot is rallying together the guys that do like curvy women who aren't paper thin. On the other it seems that he is doing so to the point that men who do like paper thin women are wrong about their preference in women.

On one hand I'll bet that he was speaking from his own personal experience (and there's nothing wrong with that). On the other I hope it was his personal experience because the video was limited to black and white with clear racial definitions of who is attractive and who is not (notice that all the curvy women are black and all the non curvy women are white).

Amazing how one's perception can change between a time when you don't want to stand up because you don't want to be embarrassed by an erection that you don't fully understand and a time when you've come to understand how erections actually work and there is no reason to be embarrassed by them.

I'll have to use this new looking glass more often.