Monday, January 12, 2009

So that's what it means to be an "unfit" parent

Check this out. Some bullshit right?

Criminal background. Major disability(ies). Insufficient economic status. None of that. Damien and Charlotte Hall have been informed that they are being denied the opportunity to adopt a child because Damien is overweight and unfit.

You mean to tell me that the child care system in that area would rather leave a child in the system to get pushed around to who knows how many families and through who know what trauma than to send him/her to a home with two caring parents in which one is overweight?

That is the state of affairs when it comes to weight these days folks. The assumption of big equals unhealthy has run so deep that it now being used as criteria in adoptions. What harm will befall a kid who has a large dad that is worse than what they would suffer through years of feeling unwanted by way of bouncing around to different homes and schools? I know we aren't the most aesthetically pleasing people on the planet but damn.