Saturday, January 3, 2009

I knew they could see eye to eye! Part 3

Okay so in parts one and two you have the folks at both Glenn Sacks' and Feministing talking about how offensive Britney Spear's new video "Womanizer" is from two different angles.

First you had the feministing community talking about how the video perpetuates the idea that men want sex all the time and therefore are always consenting. Later the Glenn Sacks' community commented on how female against male violence is not only looked over but it often encouraged and applauded. After reading those posts I found a very funny statement on each one.

Check out this comment on the feministing post:
I can guarantee you there are no "male" based sites out there talking about how this video is horrible and unfair to men. If anything they'd be saying how lucky he is.

And look at what Glenn says at the end of his post:
And while I'm asking, let me ask this too: Do feminists ever condemn this stuff? They've preached the evils of DV for decades, so what's NOW's take on depictions of female-on-male DV? Or any other feminist organization's for that matter. Inquiring minds want to know.

Okay so maybe they aren't eye to eye just yet. How about they are eye to eye but the lights are out so neither one can see the other?