Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fuck It Day

You know how sometimes you have a moment of clarity in which you realize that you have been spending so much time looking out for other people that have spent precious little to no time looking out for yourself? This startling revelation could be triggered by any number of things. Just one too many days in a row of having to cover for someone at work (even if they have good reason to be out). Yet another failed attempt at trying to get something going in your life. It might even be something as minor as going to the store and the exact item you were looking for, at a time when no substitutes are allowed, is not available. Whatever the exact straw is does not matter. It's what happens after the camel's back is broken that matters.

A bit of history here. Back when I was in college a friend of mine was fed up from the previous day of classes. As a way to vent his (and the rest our) frustrations we decided to say fuck the next day and only do what we wanted. Somewhere along the line one of us said that today was a "Fuck It Day". And at that moment that day, and all others that would follow, would be known as a "Fuck It day".

By now you may be asking, "Well Danny what exactly do you do on a Fuck It Day?" My answer, my dear reader, would be "Whatever you wish." Want to curl up and and spend the day in a book? Do it. Want to go hunt some wild game? Do it. Sexually frustrated and need a lot of "Me Time" to work it out? Do it. (as long as its legal mind you. llol) Want to spend the day taking care of yourself and your affairs (Dr. appointments, legal business, spa, etc...)? Do it.

Last week I reached this point despite just having gone on vacation barely a month ago (and my vacation post is SO overdue). Well instead of the camel's back breaking the camel said, "Fuck 'Dis." and walked away before that final straw could be placed on his back. And that's what I'm about to do this Friday.

While I do try to take care of myself I have to admit that I just started making regular (at least three times a year) doctor appointments last year. When getting ready to plan my next visit out of nowhere I finally got tired of answering, "What dentist do you go to?" and "What eye doctor do you go to?" with, "Do make me lie." Yes I haven't gone to the dentist since I was a child and I literally don't know the last time I've had an eye exam other than the one for my driver's license (yes 12 years ago).

So calling to schedule a appointments, getting aggravated with several things and people in life in general, and the necessity to start looking out for myself (I said necessity, not desire, you really do have to stop and take care of yourself) have joined to form the perfect storm that will culminate this Friday. This Friday I am calling it a Fuck It Day.

I'm going to the general doctor and eye doctor (still shopping for a dentist), I'm buying Angel season 2 (and maybe 3) and I'm gonna look out for me and myself on that day. In fact it might carry over into Saturday.

So there you have it. The Fuck It Day. A day that is dedicated to you and you alone and woe is the poor bastard that interrupts it (in this case I'm certain it will by dad).

Why do I explain this? Because I work tech support for a bank (and let me tell you that bank employees are some of the most arrogant people on this plane of reality) which means for eight hours a day I have any number of a few hundred people demanding that I give them my undivided attention (because to most of them I'm either helping them or goofing off, other employees be damned). After doing that constantly you just have to stop, lean back, and devote some time to yourself.

So the next time your are about to reach boiling point don't be afraid to declare a Fuck It Day and spend the day looking out for just looking out for yourself.

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Renee said...

I so agree that we should all take a day like that from time to time. I know I get caught up working and with the kids so much that sometimes my head is spinning. I would love to spend a day on the couch with the food network and tons of junk.8 hours of no one saying mommy would be bliss.