Saturday, January 10, 2009

But remember, men are not portrayed as walking wallets

So I'm doing some surfing and run across this at Shakesville.

It's an ad for an insurance quote generator. Depicted is a sad little girl whose left hand is holding the hand of what appears to be an adult (all you can see is the hand). The caption reads, "Dad, what would happen to me and mommy...if you died?"

So you have a little girl who thinking about what would happen to her mommy and herself if her dad died attached to an insurance quote generator. I guess the insurance company in question is implying that her daddy was only around to supply money (as well as imply that the mom cannot make money) and now that he's gone it's "ZOMG!!!" time.

I mean really why do insurance ad agencies seem obsessed with killing dads and husbands? Every time you see one its about a kid and their dead father or a widow and her dead husband. I understand that the life expectancy of women is higher than men but damn. Would it hurt just to have one insurance ad with kid is talking about a mom that's passed or a widower talking about his passed wife?

And considering that the folks at Shakesville don't like the assumptions this ad makes about women I think it can be said that this is an example of burning at both ends.

I've asked it before and I'll ask it again:

"When will agencies realize they can make ads without insulting classes of people?"